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How to Adjust the Screen Resolution Setting in Windows.How to Change Your Screen Resolution in Windows 10

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There are many reasons why Windows may not offer you the optimal resolution you need. If you find yourself looking for that perfect resolution, there are two options for you. Among the many purposes of using a resolution outside of the established how to change the resolution of your pc is gaming. For hardcore players who want a genuine experience, this is a challenge worth taking on.

Another potential application is to get a feel for what the future holds. If you want to get an approximate sense of what those ultra-high resolutions look like, you can do so. Ultimately, you may just want another resolution. More real estate on your screen, convenience for reading, or simple preference are больше информации valid reasons to try out a custom resolution.

If you do use these methods to experience ultra-high resolutions, you might also find it useful to resize your fonts and icons to keep up. The first way to gain access to more resolutions is through your display adapter.

This is a pretty how to change the resolution of your pc procedure that will give you a broader range of options for your resolution. However, these are also presets, how to change the resolution of your pc you may want to go even further and choose a resolution completely defined by you. In that case, you will need third-party software. Once you download it, simply run it and it will auto-detect your monitor. This will restart your display adapter and apply your resolution.

Follow the basic guidelines for aspect ratios to avoid problems. If you have an Intel graphics, then you can simply use their built-in control panel to modify and customize your resolution.

Aside from coding your own application or editing the registry manually, these are several options available to apply a custom resolution in Windows You can choose the adapter route to avoid any potential issues but sacrifice some customization, you can go with the Custom Resolution Utility which grants you full control but may cause minor hiccups in some settings, or you can use the features offered by Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

Do you know of another way of customizing the resolution on a Windows system? What made you want to customize your resolution in the first place? Let us know in the comments below.



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Last Updated: February 2, Tested. This article was written by Jack Lloyd. He has over two years of experience writing and editing technology-related articles. He is technology enthusiast and an Как сообщается здесь teacher. The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewedtimes. This wikiHow teaches you how to change the size of icons and text on your Windows computer’s screen by increasing or decreasing your computer’s resolution.

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Scroll down and click Advanced display settings. This link is at the bottom of the page. Click the bar beneath the “Resolution” heading. Doing so will invoke a drop-down menu with different resolution values e. Click a resolution value. The resolution best-suited to your computer’s screen will say ” Recommended ” next to it. The higher посмотреть еще resolution number is, the smaller your computer’s text and icons will appear. Click Apply.

It’s below the “Resolution” bar. Clicking this button will apply your selected resolution to the screen. Click Keep changes. If you don’t like your new resolution settings, you can click Revert or simply wait for a few seconds until the resolution automatically reverts to your computer’s default setting. Method 2. Click Screen resolution. Жмите сюда toward the bottom of the right-click menu. Click the resolution bar. It’s below the “Resolution” heading.

Doing so will prompt a drop-down menu with different resolution values, such as ” x Click OK. It’s at the bottom of the window. Doing so will prompt you to confirm your choice. Click Yes when prompted. Doing so will save your resolution settings. If you don’t like the new resolution settings, you can click Revert or simply wait a few seconds for your computer’s resolution to revert to your computer’s default.

Method 3. Click Personalize. On some versions of How to change the resolution of your pc, this option may say Properties instead. Click Display Settings. This link is at the bottom of the “Personalize” window.

Click and drag the “Resolution” slider left or right. It’s near the bottom of the “Display Settings” window. Dragging the slider to the left will decrease your screen resolution, while dragging it to the right will increase the resolution.

Raising your resolution will make things smaller, while lowering the resolution will make things larger. If you are having difficulty seeing things on your computer, try lowering your resolution. If you want the clearest picture possible, raise the resolution to the size recommended why wont zoom connect to my airpods your display. Method 4. Right-click anywhere on the desktop. This how to change the resolution of your pc invoke a how to change the resolution of your pc menu.

Click Properties. It’s at the bottom of the menu. This will open /15679.txt “Display Properties” window. If “Display /6799.txt doesn’t open to the “Settings” tab, click it at the top of the window. After doing so, your screen will страница resolution, and a confirmation box will appear. Doing this will save your resolution settings. If you don’t like the new resolution settings, wait for a few seconds; the screen will revert to the old settings.

Click OK to close the “Display Properties” window. Your new resolution will be saved. Method 5. Using a mouse, right click on an empty part how to change the resolution of your pc the screen. There should be a pop-up menu that appears.

Scroll over to View. Select how big you want how to change the resolution of your pc icons to be. Scroll over to View, and select how big you want your icons to be. Yes No. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 4. The simple answer is to hold the camera sideways. The camera has a default direction it considers up and down, the PC will read this from the image file.

However, if you open the image with an image editor, most have the option to simply rotate the image. Do this and then save it. Look for the curved left or curved right arrows. It may be a pain to have to do this on each image, but it is certainly preferable to having everything sideways.

Not Helpful 5 Helpful 1. I have tried changing my screen resolution, but it seems impossible. What do I do? Your monitor should have some settings built-in that allow you to change the Screen Resolution. Otherwise, just right-click your desktop and press Screen Resolution. Not Helpful 13 Helpful 1. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. By using to magnify computer screen keyboard how to computer screen with keyboard: service, some information may be shared with YouTube.

Different resolutions will work with different displays. For example, if you’re casting your computer screen to a television, you might change your display resolution to be as clear as possible.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Your screen’s quality will decrease as your resolution decreases. You Might Also Like How to. How to.


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Depending on the manufacturer, you may have to adjust the picture settings using the menu options. Overscan is a technology that helped content creators to deliver consistent pictures on a variety of different screen sizes and aspect ratios.

As technology improved and manufacturers followed new standards, overscan became obsolete. Finding the right setting will vary between manufacturers and models. Usually, the setting is available under Picture How to change the resolution of your pc or Changf Options.

Some models will have an overscan setting instead of specific aspect ratios. If this is the case, ensure you use the Screen Fit option for the best results or turn off overscan. Depending on your specific set up there нажмите для деталей be different methods for changing the resolution. For a set up that uses both onboard graphics and a GPU, you may need to change the settings for the onboard graphics. Give Driver Support a Try Today.

Adjust Aspect Ratio. Open Display Settings. Find Current Resolution. Change Resolution Settings. Time Remaining Cp Apply Setting. Keep Resolution Settings. Open Intel Graphics Properties. Intel Graphics Control Panel. Open Intel Display Settings. Intel Display Settings. Apply Changes. Open Device Manager. Expand Display Adapters. Open Context Menu. Select Update Driver. Automatically Update How to change the resolution of your pc. Close Driver Update Window. Was this article helpful? Search for solutions.

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