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How to make zoom meeting registration

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If you click Meetings, you will see a list of meetings. Meetings can be scheduled or an existing meeting can be edited. Make sure that you have checked the Required box when you register.

There will be two tabs labeled Registration and Branding when you schedule your meeting. Click either the Invitations tab for Webinars or the Registration tab for Meetings if you are interested in setting up the webinars.

Webinar registrants will be automatically approved when they are uploaded on Zoom Webinar registration through CSV upload. The registrants will be given an email confirmation when the importing has been completed successfully. In addition to the registration url, you can insert a static frame on your site using the embed checkbox under the registration url. All reports you generated during the meeting could be downloaded in advance of deleting the meeting. A meeting should begin after a report has been created to collect the meeting data.

You can save a CSV file for your records. To perform a Usage check, click reports in the Zoom portal left panel. When you click on Select Time and Click Search, you will be able to find a history of past meetings for that particular time period.

The number of attendees can be calculated by clicking the Attendance line on the document. After clicking Export on the list you will be given the option to create a CVS. Click the desired number next to the participant name. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Registration Report. Poll Report. Survey Report. You can add questions to a registration page by clicking the Custom Questions tab in the Registration window.

Then click New Question to add a question to your favorites list. We offer short answers, one-offs, and multiple answer options. Decide if the question should be asked.

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If you still need to request a pro account, please contact Human Sciences Technology Services to request joining the college’s pro license. After you have successfully signed in, you will need to navigate to your meetings tab. On the far left tab of your Zoom account, choose “Meetings. Adding Registration Page to Zoom Meeting.

Schedule a new meeting or edit an existing meeting. If you are adding the registration page to a meeting that you’ve already created, click the edit button located next to the blue start button. If you are creating a new meeting, you will click the top right “schedule a new meeting” option. Once you’ve clicked “edit” for your meeting, scroll down until you see the registration requirement. In the registration section, you will need to select the required check box. Then scroll to the very bottom and save your meeting.

You’ve now created the registration page, but we have a few more steps to complete in order to customize the registration page to your event. Looking for your registration page link? This link is different from the Zoom meeting link.

This is the link you want to send to anyone that you want to register for the meeting. After checking the registration required check box, save your meeting. The registration link will appear below the meeting ID. Registration Settings. Double-check the registration settings to see if you need to change anything such as the approval settings, notifications, or other options.

We recommend automatically approving those who request to join the meeting. If you want to close the registration option after the event date, you can do so in this window. Did you know? You can customize the question fields that appear on your registration page. This is a great way to gather additional information about your attendees for meeting follow-up emails, or other future connections. After you schedule the meeting, click the branding tab at the bottom of the page to customize branding options for your registration page.

This is important to do for your meeting’s registration page to show college branding and to ensure attendees that this is an official college meeting or virtual event. Now you’re done creating your Zoom meeting registration page! It should now look similar to the below depending on your customization.

College of Human Sciences As one of the four original colleges at Texas Tech University at its founding, the College of Human Sciences has a rich history investing in students, preparing them to make an impact on the world around them. The College of Human Sciences provides multidisciplinary education, research, and service focused on individuals, families, and their environments to improve and enhance the human condition.

When they graduate, our students are making an impact as educators, health care professionals, financial planners, hospitality managers, fashion merchandisers, designers, counselors, and nutritionists. Faculty, staff, and students advance research concerning individual, social, and economic development in a multidisciplinary environment to benefit families and individuals in a diverse global community. Outreach is also provided to individuals, organizations, and communities to help improve the society in which we live.

Request Info. Share Your Story. Registration Settings Double-check the registration settings to see if you need to change anything such as the approval settings, notifications, or other options. Automatic Approval: Anyone who signs up will receive information on how to join.

Manual Approval: Anyone who signs up will need to be approved by the host on the meeting management page. Send an email to the host when someone registers: Check this option if you want to receive an email each time someone registers for your webinar. Attendees will receive an email when you approve their registration.

Adding or Changing Registration Questions: Did you know? Click the Questions tab. Check the Field s you would like to include on your registration page. Optional Check the Required box if you want to make that field required. Click Save All. Note: Name and email address are always required. Click New Question to add a question. Choose the type of question: Short answer or Single answer.

Check whether the question is required. Enter the question. For single-answer questions, enter the answer options. Click Create. Repeat the above steps to create more custom questions. Click Save All to save your customized registration.

Customizing Branding After you schedule the meeting, click the branding tab at the bottom of the page to customize branding options for your registration page. Banner: Click Upload to add an image that appears at the top of your registration page.

Logo: Click Upload to add an image that appears to the right of the meeting topic on your registration page. The logo also appears in the email invitation.

Optional Click Add Description to add alt text to the image. The description isn’t visually displayed on the screen but helps people with visual impairments to access and understand the image. Request Info Share Your Story.

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