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Fixing the issue depends on the resloution, which can range from hardware to settings problems. Windows offers a resooution of settings to customize your screen resolution to best fit your monitor type and situation.

This happens as screens wear out. The signs that this is the problem include:. For instance, YouTube allows you to change the video quality, which helps it to display can i change my screen resolution – none: and stream faster.

You can solve many screen resolution problems in Windows just by adjusting the resolution. Windows updates, apps, second monitors, and more can all change your default or custom settings. From the Display settings, you can also adjust the brightness, scaling, and the settings for additional connected screens. From here, you can can i change my screen resolution – none: the adapter properties, screen refresh rate Monitor taband the color management Color Management tab.

For something so necessary for hardware to work properly on Windows, drivers cause many problems sometimes. For example, a flickering screen is often can i change my screen resolution – none: driver issue.

Drivers are often the culprit behind stretched screens, fuzzy resolution, poor refresh rates, and more. Windows updates may help resklution screen resolution problems if the dhange includes an improved driver. While Windows loves to force updates automaticallyyou can run a manual check, too. Also read: Graphics Card Not Working?

Here Are the Causes and Fixes. This is especially true if the resolution problems only occur within that specific app. No setting will fix an app that needs a higher resolution than your screen can offer. However, DPI dots per inch affects the size of various elements, such as icons. If these look fuzzy, then your screen resolution may seem off. Click the checkmark to save your settings.

The default is It becomes problematic when you change the setting, as all display settings adjust accordingly. Reoslution sure you know all your original display settings before you change anything. If you have an older monitor, screen resolution problems in Windows might have nothing to do with settings, apps, or drivers. It could be a simple issue of your monitor wearing out. Gesolution course, it could also be a compatibility issue when ressolution comes to an older monitor.

Monitors can only support certain resolutions. Ultra-High Refresh Rates Explained. In this case, ensure you choose your original monitor in the display settings screen and adjust the settings back to what looks j for your first screen.

Adjusting your screen resolution can sharpen or blur your desktop icons, depending on the resolution you choose. Instead, you just need to adjust the size of your desktop icons.

If your screen seems dim or the color is cyange little off, but only during certain hours, such as night, you likely have Night Light turned on. Affiliate Disclosure: Make Tech Easier may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for resoluiton readers.

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Can i change my screen resolution – none:


As a web designer, I work with two monitors. My graphics card has two video output sockets. This allows me to connect two screens to my PC and by adding some settings to Personlisation in Windows, I am able to stretch my Desktop across two monitors. My left-hand monitor is the better monitor and is connected by DVI and I use this to hold my web browser when I am creating websites as this gives me the best resolution and colour rendition. I use the second monitor on the right to place my text editor where I can see the code behind the web page.

This way, I can find problems on web pages by being able to view both the web page and the code at the same time. This works very well for me. The other day, however, a problem suddenly reared its head. My monitor on the right looked a little blurry and the objects on it seemed to be distorted and misshapen. So I went into the menu settings of my second monitor and found that the resolution being sent by the computer was being wrong.

I was surprised by this since I hadn’t changed it recently but nevertheless I went into Windows Personalisation to rectify the problem. However, the second monitor’s resolution was not available in the list of resolutions.

This was mystifying. So I went into the NVIDIA control panel to check my graphic card’s settings and upon inspection it reported that the second monitor’s native resolution was pixels by pixels. Since I knew the correct resolution was pixels by pixels I knew now that the root of my problem was that the graphics card was detecting the resolution incorrectly.

Perhaps something had gone wrong in my monitor or with the cable. I decided to use trusty old Google to find the cause.

Normally, when you have a problem with your computer, someone has talked about the same problem on the Internet and you can find the solution. I found many ideas on there and they either did not make sense or if I tried them, simply did not work. I then remembered an old IT custom. If it isn’t working, then switch it off and switch it on again.

This is the secret to curing so many computer problems I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it before. Sadly, it did not work for me though. So once again I was stuck and I had to return to Google.

In all the hundreds of pages, forum entries and blog entries I read, I suddenly discovered the solution to my problem. There is a second IT secret fix that I hadn’t thought of. Switch everything off and unplug it for 10 minutes and then switch it all back on again. You see, lots of IT equipment remembers some settings when left plugged in as it keeps capacitors in the system running which allow small amounts of data to be retained. Switching off for at least 30 seconds lets these run out and therefore reset themselves.

So if you have a strange problem with your computer, before you try anything, switch it off and switch it back on. If that fails, then switch it off, unplug it, leave it for 10 minutes and then switch it back on. I sincerely hope this helps many of you out there ready to throw your computers out of the window. Fixing second monitor resolution problems or how to fix just about any IT problem As a web designer, I work with two monitors.

Resolution detected incorrectly The other day, however, a problem suddenly reared its head. Switch it off then switch it back on I then remembered an old IT custom. What to do when switching off and switching back on doesn’t work: There is a second IT secret fix that I hadn’t thought of. I took no chances and waited 10 minutes and then Hey Presto! Everything worked!

And if that fails, it’s time to call in the experts! Tags for this article screen resolution technical advice All Tags.


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